Great Asia Capital & Consulting LLC (GACC) was established by myself after 28 years of service in Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. (JAIC) with strong feelings to utilize my experience and knowledge to support various types of management people who aim to success in their business. “Great Asia” is a phrase which I have been mulled over since 1990’s and filled with my personal affection and respect to Asia where I have been trained as a business person.

GACC has just started as a management consulting firm on 6 July 2017. I, however, would like to enter into venture capital business when the time comes. In such case, I will focus on not only future technology business sector but also drastic innovation of existing business sectors. Furthermore, I will focus on capability of management personnel, especially CEO, rather than technology itself.

In relation to management consulting business, GACC covers four major management resources, which are people, goods/services, money, and information. Especially, I would like to add value to our clients utilizing my areas of specialty, which are “Asia”, ”Venture” and ”Management”.

Please let us know your forward looking issues and challenges. We appreciate it if you remember GACC and support our activities .

Osamu Hosokubo
Founder & CEO